Sunday, August 5, 2012

The poor state of Blogger's web interface

When writing my post on Slices for Twitter (for Android) I came to realise just how terrible the web interface for creating posts in Blogger is. It doesn't get any better in the Android version. It boggles my mind. Google is the same company that wants to push a web only usage in PCs through their Chrome OS but they can't seem to create good content creation interfaces in their own products. To give an example of just how terrible it is, this is what my original post of Slices for Twitter looked like on my blog

Like that's exactly what it looked like. BOXES!!! Even better? How did I embed this video? It's Blogger, which Google owns, embedding videos from Youtube, which Google also owns so you'd think they'd talk to each other really smooth right? 


The picture above is me putting in the URL for Slices for Twitter and that's the garbage I get as a result. Some of those results look really odd by the way. Why on earth does Google not recognize a youtube link and give me the video straight off???? Why isn't there at least an option to paste a link in??? Oh and good heavens, let's make sure we do not under any circumstances add an option to paste embed code in...

That's one scenario. Then there's the day I pasted my XAML code in. Sadly, the blogger interface was incapable of converting the special characters to their relevant HTML codes. That ended up breaking the whole post in return. Even better? When I went into the HTML and manually corrected it to say & l t ; (I added spaces because I don't know how it might get represented otherwise) the Compose view didn't show me the actual character. No. It showed me HTML code. 

Blogger has come a long way. The dashboards and Post settings and stuff are all pretty. But that toolbar on top and this big text input area in the middle is still stuck in the days when I first used Blogger.

Dear Google. 

You know what to do.


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