Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Launch of South Asia's First Dual Carrier HSPA+ Network

Update: The full liveblog can be found here

Today is the official unveiling and opening of South Asia's first Dual Carrier HSPA+. I've tried to research a little bit more than what I know on the subject. The essential point of the whole thing is that you get theoretical speeds which are 6 times as fast as standard HSPA+ connections while in reality getting double the speed. Of course this is just my basic knowledge. The slightly technical bit about it in as much of a layman form as possible is as follows,
3GPP Release 8 defines dual-carrier or dual-cell high-speed downlink packet access (DC-HSDPA) to allow the network to transmit HSDPA data to a mobile device from two cells simultaneously, doubling achievable downlink data rate to 42 Mbits/s. Dual-carrier operation is characterized as simultaneous reception of more than one HS-DSCH transport channel. Dual-cell operation may be activated and deactivated using HS-SCCH orders.
Apologies for the sketchy post but I needed to get a quick introduction done before I run off to the event right about now. Will update more. The more important thing right now is that you stay tuned for the live blog that should start updating in half an hour!

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