Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Refresh Colombo August Meetup

It’s been a while since I blogged a refresh colombo meetup so this should be fun. I’ll be giving one of the three presentations which I’m really looking forward to. For the uninitiated, Refresh Colombo is a monthly meetup open to anyone interested in tech. And when they say interested in tech it can be from any angle at all. Not just the deep in tech programmer level style. Like the site says. Bring anyone you want with you as a guest. Even your grandmother. Yes. The sweet lady who takes pictures with the iPad you gave her to stay in touch with you. Jokes aside, this time’s Refresh Colombo is looking to be awesome and I am just as pumped up about the other two presentations as I am about my own. What’s on the topic line?
I’ll be presenting on Building Software Products Anywhere. Since joining I have experience a creative high like never before in my life and I am building and rolling out more products over time and learning more about good software than I ever have before. This is strange because my original Job description doesn’t really call for anything related to programming. And more than that I’m planning on being responsible for a shift in how the company uses tech to complete its day to day work that will eventually transform this company into a tech startup to some degree. I want to share this experience with other software devs out there. Why? Because I believe that every software developer who wants to love what they do should be allowed to experience creative highs by taking charge of building products. And since not everyone can afford to be an entrepreneur, I want to share how you can still engage with building software products in the most unlikely of places.
The rest of the topics as per Refresh Colombo.
Visual and Creative Thinking – by Shiran Sanjeewa
Shiran Sanjeewa is the Creative Director at Elite-web-studio a Manchester Based Creative Agency. He possess extensive International Expertise on Branding, Websites, Mobile Applications, UI/UX and Online Marketing. In 2012 he founded “Shiran Sanjeewa Associates” a Sri Lankan Startup Branding & User Experience Consulting firm, now serving Silicon Valley clients with the user experience design on their software and hardware products.
I am really looking forward to this topic given how much I really care about User experiences. And from a person who has an impressive background like this this talk should really be a cracker.
Dual Carrier Cellular Networks: A Practical Outlook – by Damitha Wijewardhana
Damith Wijewardhana holds an electronics and telecommunication engineering degree from University of Moratuwa and a MBA from Postgraduate Institute of Management. He is also corporate member and a Chartered engineer of institute of engineers Sri Lanka and a member of institute of electrical and electronic engineers, USA. He has 6+ years of industry experience in Radio Network Planning, Optimization and related new technologies locally as well as internationally.
Sounds familiar? I assume this talk will have a lot to do with the recently announced DC HSPA+ network by Etisalat. And based on the actual speed tests that were made yesterday and by Shazly’s impressions of using it in Dehiwala I ‘m also assuming that this talk will probably give a bit of a rational side to the whole hype of the speeds of a dual carrier network and maybe a bit of what a network of this nature might include in terms of costs. Which reminds me I should give a call to Etisalat’s hotline to find out details of their packages for DC HSPA+.
Look forward too a live blog from me although I obviously won’t be able to blog my own topic. But in place of that I might livestream my own talk. And I will definitely blog about it as a follow up post too. Stay tuned for more information!


  1. Great Read. will you be able to live stream all the presentations.

    because my colleagues in UK wants to join in Live,

    is it possible..?

    1. Sorry Shiran :( I wish I could but I'll be trying to livestream it from my laptop which is what I'll obviously be using for the live blog as well. Will see if there's anything funky I can do with a mobile device and a Google+ Hangout on air.

  2. thanks for sharing.