Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick Post: Solution for YouTube Videos Not Loading While Paused

Play a game while you wait for your video to load sir

This is probably not something new for most people but it’s been something that’s bugged me for a while. I’m not on a fast net connection at home and when I watch YouTube videos I usually pause it and leave it to load. As of recent times I’ve noticed some videos not loading while being paused. Which really sucks. It’s not a big problem in the sense that I workaround it by letting it play in mute while I do something else but it’s a problem nevertheless. I don’t know what’s causing it but I do seem to have found a decent solution.

After searching on Google I found two Google group posts which led me in the right direction. The first was a confirmation that I wasn't alone. And the second one had a solution from a Googler. The solution? Change the quality of the video. Now you obviously don't want to do this while it is loading so ideally you want to do this right at the start which is what I did and I can confirm it works. What I did was to switch from 360p to 240p at the start, wait for the video to start playing and immediately switch back to 360p. Maybe it's my imagination but the loading seemed to be much smoother after that as well. Hope this helps

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  1. Video DownloadHelper is an extremely handy Firefox add-on:

    I use that to pull down YouTube videos so I can watch without skipping.

    David Ratnasabapathy