Monday, August 6, 2012

My first subtitle from Universal Subtitles

Universal Subtitles aka Amara provides an amazing service to make videos on the web accessible to people who are deaf and in general people who don't have access to sound while watching videos. The service aims to provide a crowd sourced method of subtitling videos which is frankly speaking, a lot better than Google's current auto subtitle method. I imagine that someday Google will reach a level of near perfection but the problem will be that it will still be, only Google's services. Other services won't be as accessible and there'll still be limitations in context that can be found only with services such as manually entered subtitles. Unless we of course enter singularity style artificial intelligence. Which is probably going to take a while given the current state of AI which as John Siracusa quite rightly describes as being less than that of a roach.

Enough rambling! Join the movement on Amara and do some good for the world. I personally have given up the world of memes on 9gag in order to devote time to subtitle a video or two at least each week. Whether or not I actually stick to this remains to be seen. But it certainly is a worthy goal to go for.

I'll write a review of the full service later but without further ado, here is my first video that I subtitled from YouTube.

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