Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Google Calendars and Change logs

Since I never use calendars with anyone else the idea of having a version control or a change log with my Google Calendars never occurred to me. But speaking to a friend who just discovered that a whole set of calendar events added by a co worker had gone missing was a big problem. I've had this issue in the past with Google docs where on rare but annoying occasions, data suddenly went missing after the most recent edit. Like the data that put in with the last edit just went missing but showed up in the version history.

Aside from unpleasant vanishing data, there's the real concern of data conflicts when collaborating on a calendar. Appointments for a particular day are being put together and by mistake someone wipes out the 2 PM board meeting with the potential investor, and you are asking for a lot of trouble. Point is, whether these are edge cases or not, Google Calendar has the option for sharing and collaboration. And anything with collaboration SHOULD have version tracking built in with it. This is NOT optional.

Looking for threads currently where this feature has been requested. And I found a lot of them in the product forums for Google Calendar. Wonder why the Google team hasn't responded. Going social and all of that, you'd think that would be a little important at least. 

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