Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Google and Microsoft? Goodbye Apple?

Slightly insane thought... but wouldn't it be crazy if Apple goes out of fashion and Microsoft and Google are the in thing? Why do I even ask that? The apple eco system is big and has a lot in it. But the more I look at it the more I think yea.... but nothing exciting gets added anymore. It's just feature updates and catch up features.

I like Microsoft. I always have. And their eco system is tying together slowly but surely and very nicely and has a lot of things growing in it. Like I could see my coding going social and being connected with github and irc withing visual studio express. I don't see apple ever doing stuff like that. Like you have to be some kind of elite to be on their share menu.

Google has an amazing eco system that's looking like it wants to add exciting stuff everyday. The way they've redefined their UI, whether or not it felt more metroish is irrelevant, shows they can be bold. The iOS interface on the other hand hasn't really changed in anything that can be described as bold.

It's just an exciting thought for me. I by default dislike keeping my thoughts in that of the pack and I like to consider scenarios outside of the expected. And I like this scenario. It seems plausible and I want it to happen. There's room for only two. But when the third keeps nudging to get room the dominant two will fight to innovate. And that's what apple did to get on the bench. Followed by Google continuing to shove Microsoft off the bench. Followed by Microsoft making some pretty bold decisions to try and shove Apple off the bench in return. It's exciting and my money is behind Microsoft and Google.

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