Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazon's Awesome Customer Service

Last night my Kindle broke. The reason for that could be an entirely separate blog post on its own given that its a mystery. What happened though is I didn't use my Kindle for just under 3 weeks and during that time it had discharged completely. When I went to get my Kindle yesterday to charge it so I could finish reading one of Terry Pratchett's books I discovered that it had the charge sign but there was an e-ink 'stain' on the bottom left. Like the e ink hadn't been able to refresh that part of the screen. I charged it completely, switched it on and was dismayed to find that the stain remained on the screen. This was really really upsetting for me since I love my Kindle and in the case of this one it was the newer 6" model and I hadn't even used it for 6 months!

I poked around on Amazon to find out how to troubleshoot my Kindle and came to the obvious conclusion that my screen was broken. This was step 1 of my really awesome experience with Amazon. It didn't take me a lot to ascertain what had gone wrong with the device. Step 2 was that the return and repair method was very plainly linked and explained. The main numbers I needed to call were given and this is where the best part of my experience began. Upon calling Amazon I had less than 30 seconds wait time upon which I was received by a customer rep named Brian. Whether or not this was his real name is irrelevant to me because from that point on the service I was given was nothing like I had ever experienced before. I explained the issue to me and his only real question about the problem was whether or not I had dropped it. I said no and that it had been in its case the whole time and so he agreed that the screen was probably broken.

To cut the long story short, at this very moment, a brand new Kindle is on its way for me; when Brian asked me for my delivery address I found it too good to believe that this was actually happening and was over the moon. To send me from over the moon all the way to Mars was that the email I got about an hour later stated that a brand new Kindle would be shipped over, any customs taxes that I might incur should be faxed over to them so they could handle it and finally all shipping costs to send the malfunctioning unit back to them would also be refunded if I gave them the tracking code.

Throughout this whole experience was the feeling that this customer service rep knew exactly what he was doing and more importantly, knew every relevant detail about me. Even when there was a minor hiccup due to the fact that I was calling the US number for a Kindle that had been obtained as a gift from the UK he just said give me a little bit of time and sorted it out transparently by informing me that he'd fill a non standard form.

One call. One word to describe it.


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