Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learning XNA 4.0


So for a recent project that I need to work on, I’m building a game using the Kinect Platform and to build the game itself I’m building it on top of the XNA 4.0 Framework. Now I learnt the fundamentals of making an XNA game back in 3.0 and stopped at making a 3d game since at that time all I needed was 2d. In fact, all I need even now is 2D. But it’s been a while and I prefer to keep just concepts in mind in the long run since memorizing syntax is time consuming and inefficient in my opinion. So, to bring myself up to speed I decided to get myself the book “Learning XNA 4.0” and go through it to brush up my knowledge. One of the things I needed were the sprite-sheets that I didn’t have anymore. And that’s when I ran into my first strange roadblock.

“Where are the resources??”

I combed through the book and when I couldn’t find anything I decided to head over to the O’ Reilly website page for this book and it seemed that I wasn’t the only one facing this problem. A large number of the one star reviews for the book were all about the fact that the source code samples weren’t linked anywhere in the book and couldn’t be found on the page for the book either. Smart job editors!. Long story short. I finally found the resources.

Go download them here (45.9 MB):

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