Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello Google+

You had better be my answer you know. I come to you in a time of sickness so don't make me regret this to be a time of delirium. I'm tired of Twitter. Tired of Facebook. Tired of Foursquare. Tired of Path. Tired of Instagram. Tired of Flickr.

Not tired of each one individually but just tired of managing them as a whole. It's not social media burnout but I've got a lot to do during the day and if I have to visit multiple places and keep multiple accounts on the same network to piece apart the streams into a cohesive whole then the system is broken.

So I turn to you Google+. In my moment of desperation I turn to you to find peace of mind where I may journal the pieces of my life and document the fragments of each day's discoveries. To discover the moments within the lives of others based on context and interests. I don't need Banjo. I don't need multiple widgets. I just need one. Will I find ease of navigation in my separate circles of photographers and techies or will I once again be overwhelmed at the multitude of circles and resign myself to accept that I should stop breaking myself?

Time will tell I suppose. Your move Google+. Let the circles begin.

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