Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bing what the what???

I love pressing those buttons that let me the first person to try out the ‘all new design/version/beta thingamabob’ that’s coming soon. So when I was presented the prompt for Bing, bear in mind I haven’t checked out any of the stuff on the internet yet to know what it looks like, I excitedly hit YESS OH YES OH YES SIGN ME UP FOR THAT!!!!

Well… Whatever was the equivalent of that at least.

And my first search result gave me this.


I’m sorry. Did I miss the memo that we had returned to 1024x768 screens with no kind of CSS to help with responsive layouts? If not can someone from Microsoft explain just what the hell that white space is to the side. (Circled quite obviously in blue by me).

I love white space. I love clean. But I Do.Not.Like.A.Vacuum.

If I want outer space I’d rather save up for one of those outrageous space tourist things. Anyone knows what happened to those?

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