Monday, December 5, 2011

Musings of a Weekend Hacker

Each of my blogs have been going through a serious repurposing over the last month and a half as I’ve tried to up my game somewhat in the blogging department. By upping the game I don’t mean to be some pro blogger who the world reads and then talks about but instead someone who is fairly consistent. By consistent I don’t mean how often I post. I’ve decided to put that aside since trying to do that unnaturally means it doesn’t get done. But by consistent I mean what I talk about. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is share whatever knowledge I gain with the rest of the world. Even if the rest of the world doesn’t read this blog it’s still a medium with which I can share everything right?

If you’ve read the last two or three posts of this blog you would notice that I’ve been trying to spur myself into becoming a weekend hacker. And it’s working. Along with dubstep and the pomodoro technique I am going through an unprecedented productivity burst. Over the last two weekends I have been able to release my first Open Source application, begin learning HTML and have given up my addiction to Twitter and RSS feeds. When you are programming those things matter less and less. I had to give up podcasts too up to a certain extent, something I’m a little sore about since the information I get from those is fairly valuable but some sacrifices have to be made I guess.

Digress digress digress.

Long story short, since I’m not reading tech news anymore I don’t really have anymore stories to write about all that often. But since I’m learning new programming stuff everyday I figured that whoever is trying to learn a new technology probably has to go through the same steps I do. So welcome to the journal of my tech life. Will it be daily? I don’t know. Will it be worth reading? For some yes. For others no. I don’t see the Hitler’s ghost taking much of an interest in this. What will it be?

Tech journal. Itsy bits of tech news. My open source projects. My ideas on building Sri Lanka’s Silicon Valley. Code snippets. Gotchas that screwed me over at work. And plain stupid things like how I managed to miss an assignment to a BigDecimal variable while using the add method on that variable itself. Why? Because it’ll keep me sane. :)

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