Sunday, November 6, 2011

TouchFire: Finally a real keyboard for the iPad

If there's one complaint that can be made about the iPad across a large number of users, that complaint would be that it just isn't built for content creation where a large part of that criticism comes from the fact that they keyboard just doesn't allow for it. The touch keyboard doesn't provide the necessary feed back for users to type continuously without looking at it. I've heard of an effort to make a screen which actually uses a small electric current to create a pull on the finger to give the person that actual feeling that they are touching a keyboard. And while that kind of screen may solve the problem across every kind of device here's a solution which is both elegant and a work of genius.

Like I said. Elegant and genius. It completely utilizes ever aspect unique to the iPad to create a solution that does not get in the way. With just 36 days to go they've already hit 467% of their Kickstarter requirements but more really doesn't hurt now does it? Head over to the Kickstarter link under the video to check it out.

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