Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bling my iPad 2. For £5m

I won't lie, I honestly think making luxury products out of things like mp3 players and computers is really one of those over the top things in life. I guess whatever floats the boat right? In the case of this iPad the likelihood of the boat being sunk seems to be greater. And I'll admit. As far as pulling out all the stops goes, the people behind this really didn't hold back. This iPad 2 features:
  • Two kilos of 24 carat gold and 12.5 carat diamonds.
  • A bezel made from ancient rock and the crushed remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. ~750g of Canadian Ammolite was mixed with 57g of fossilised T-Rex leg to create the bezel.
  • The rear Apple logo is made from 52 individually-set gemstones and the front includes an 8.5 carat diamond surrounded by a further 12 small flawless ones.

Now tell me. Where are you going to use this? I suppose if anyone ever tried to grab it, it could be converted to a lethal blunt object in a pinch. Read on for more

iPad 2 made from T-Rex fossils costs £5m • reghardware

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