Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oracle vs Google goes way past Halloween

Looks like I'll have to put the pop corn away as the trial between Oracle and Google gets postponed to a date that would be next year. NEXT YEAR! And I was hoping for a treat this Halloween. To be honest, having seen the charges and the documents I can't say I am in favour of Google and have been watching this trial intently because just like the solar flare activity a lot of people seem to be pretending these damages caused to Android by the patent battles don't exist.

The main point of this particular announcement is that the plan for the trial has to be presented in the following three stages.

1) Trial of copyright issues

2) Trial of patents

3) All remaining issues including damages and willfulness will be tried.

For a much more detailed look at how it will work do take a look at @fosspatents blog. (Oracle-Google trial postponed beyond the end of the year -

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