Friday, August 5, 2011


Storify, both a verb and a noun for a website used to create stories around a topic using various sources of data from the internet is one of the most powerful platforms I have used as a Blogger. I've been on storify for a long time and in my opinion even that description I gave was horrible in the sense that it doesn't even capture 10% of what storify is capable of.

Imagine a service where you could create a story from start to finish in under 30 minutes on an incident that had occurred over the course of two weeks. Complete with articles, videos, images, text and tweets! And then make everything chronologically arranged. Even for the most seasoned writers this is not an easy task. Now you are thinking storify. Of course when you start to add more effort in to making the story better it takes longer but that is the time that it really takes to arrange an article like that.

And that is exactly how long it took me to arrange my article on AirBnB's recent PR crisis that was the #ransackgate. I won't go into details but if you want to read it it is a full account from start to "finish" on the story of EJ returning to her holiday apartment to find it ransacked and vandalized by the AirBnB users she had rented it out to. You can read all about it here.

A big thank you to storify for featuring me on their home page. And if anyone should chance upon this blog through my profile on storify I want to say don't go away. Do subscribe both to this blog and to my tumblr as they are both coming alive again.

My writing got me a gig at a national news site as the sole author of their tech column. You can find it in the technology column at Although I don't get paid it's been crazy good exposure and I decided at that time to learn what I could from that experience before bringing it back here. My storification of the AirBnB issue marks my return to independent blogging so thanks again to Storify for making it an entrance with a bang. Hopefully everything leads to better things of me achieving a dream of becoming a full time tech news writer.

This blog is used mainly for weekend editorial style posts while my tumblr is used for more immediate breaking news. And if you want to have a curated list of what's happening in the tech world do follow me over on Twitter @area51research

Thanks to everyone on the interwebs! You rock!

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