Saturday, October 23, 2010

A word about Internet Explorer 9


This blog really isn’t meant for my code related stuff, I have another blog for that which is pretty dormant right now after a few failed attempts to insert code. That is of course beside the point. The point is I wanted to bring up a certain detail about IE9 beta. While it is by far the best browser I have used in beta stage I still think there’s one killer feature missing in it.

Custom pinned sites.

See there are plenty of sites I use that haven’t made use of the great feature of jump lists for pinned sites. What if there is a site that does have jump lists but goes all the places I don’t need it to go?

So I propose something like this. For those sites what we do is we create our own HTML file and give it the standard head and body and what not, and then where the meta data for jump lists should go, we write our own meta data stuff. We add our locations we wish to have the jump lists enabled for and then set the start page of it to whatever site we want. In my case, .

Then we drag the file out of explorer and pin it right there on taskbar. Ta daaa.. Custom jump list for the customizing fans. I’d be first in line to make a tiny application to create “custom jump list sites to be pinned”.

Yea. Imagine the possibilities.


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