Saturday, July 10, 2010


To my domain I guess. As posted up on testing grounds this blog is pretty much going to add to the plethora of available blogs out there which constantly discuss techie stuff and la di das and do di doos. Only difference is this more of a muse centre on some of the things which I just can’t help but feel a lot of people seem to be missing these days. :S

Go figure.

There’s a whole load of stuff out there that I dislike due to bias that seems to run rampant even on the likes of Tech republic and CNET. If there’s some sort of controversy they all jump on the bandwagon and seem to roll around, which is exactly what I want NOT to do. That’s where the musings come in.

Time to set the records straight.


(that being said… I’m an ardent fan of the wealth of information that does come out of the sites mentioned above and any others I read. But still…. Gotta start with some sort of controversy right ;) )

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