Saturday, July 17, 2010

on the apple iphone 4

Well that has got to be one big embarassment for the great and admittedly at times rather arrogant stevie. But here's reality. The man really did do a bad job of the whole thing.

He did mention several rather interesting things. Amongst them was the fact that he said we are not perfect and that phones have problems. I still recall the release of the iphone for the first time where the man insisted on reminding the world that at its core, the iphone would always be a phone.

Unfortunately as fate would have it, the iphone was best at everything except truly being a phone. Its ability to drop phone calls with ease did nothing to support job's claim.

Now that we are in the era of the iphone 4 steve has given the thing a really cool steel band which acts as an antenna. Provided you aren't blocking it with your hand that is.

Which brings me to the point which has the world buzzing with excitement as the sharks swim around smelling blood. Iphone's latest failure in ability to keep up the calls. This time around it drops it so easily one could call it butterfingers and stand correct. The so called death grip is such that when a person holds the device in a certain manner it just disconnects. It isnt like this method of holding has to be a gymnasts move. It apparently is a very normal hold for lefties.

So what has apple done about this. The much awaited eventual press conference was held and it really helped bring out the lack of experience apple has in handling this stuff.

First up when it was brought to the attention of the people at apple all they had to say was hold your phone some other way. Next solution that came up was the bumper.

And then the press conference which was finally held two days ago. In it jobs announced that
a. They knew about this all along. But they just think everyone is kind of bloating the issue out of control.
B. They will be giving free bumpers to everyone who has bought an iphone.

Well what does that tell us? it means that apple has caught up with the red ring of death issue and in essence they just hope people will be able to live with the problem.

What's interesting to note is that the problem is also due to the fact that the technology used thus far to calculate the number of signal bars the phone should have is wrong. Their calculations over estimate it utterly. Thus if my reasoning is right... They used that same technology to test their new design which involved quite a bit of cash. Which means that after all that testing, the people in the labs were convinced their signal couldn't get any better.

My question is this. If jobs can claim that apple knew about this, why didnt they find out about the equation early on? what stopped them from changing the design, given that apple is all about usability and ergonomics.

Nothing adds up. 2+2 is giving me nothing but a doubt as to where this fiasco might end up.

Personally i dont think itll be as bad as vista was for ms. But itll definitely hurt them.

On a side note, jobs did claim that there were less returns than for the last iphone. Am i the only one who's thinking... Well naturally. Given that 70 percent of those early orders were simply upgrades.

Say what you like about common sense but the hype that apple has the ability to generate usually takes precedence over it.

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