Saturday, July 17, 2010

Motorola: we are your friends!

Ah the great droid x vs the rest of the android community. Or at least... The geek squad.


see that? well while endgadet likes to call the idea silly, i just can't help but wonder if what motorola is doing is really a bad thing.

Sure one could say that all the customizability that comes with android is lost. But consider who is being affected here. I mean how many people actually know how to root their phones. Whats the percentage of users who know the whole process. And more importantly, what section does that percentage represent? if i was to take a wild stab in the dark i might say that the percentage is at the moment not an insignificant one and that these people mostly belong to the geeks. Not even gadget nuts. Because my bets are that gadget nuts will take the phone, use whatever they can get out of it and then sell it soon after. But rooting? na.

The reason i put a bet that the percentage is probably tending towards the significant factor is that despite what the numbers are like i'm still inclined to believe that a majority of the users of android phones are still tech savvy people. And techies care about their customization options.

Flip the coin for a bit. What is android trying to do? its trying to take over the smartphone market. Push apple away. Take rim out. And shut down winpho7s growth even before it gets started.

Whats their strategy? separate the os from the hardware makers. Let them build the phones and android supplies the user bit. I shall probably go in depth regarding that in another post but for now, back to the point.

The point is that google has it right. Be non myopic. Make a user experience which anyone is going to be able to feel comfortable with. And they need the hardware makers to follow this principle too. Its mutual after all.

So with that in mind i think motorola has built an idiot proof environment which helps protect the average user who would probably use less than 20 percent of the features of the phone effectively. And like it or not i think in terms of being the future, this is the strategy that is in place.

The only reason you havent heard an outcry about the htcs like desire is because someone managed to get past their walls. But even they set walls and from what ive read, htc desire was no walk in the park for the rom makers.

So final thoughts. I think that techies like myself need to look beyond our needs and regard the big picture. Sure. For now we rule the community. But in the future it wont be that.

Atleast... It better not be.

Sidenote. As the market grows i think the hardware makers need to come up with ways to give users ways and means to customize their experience at a level that goes beyond the home screen.

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